My Graphics Debut

Too many people have asked me to help them make Graphics & give tips or even a little extra that I don’t give to others but quite honestly I think I’ve given more than enough help and will continue to do so […] for now I will let newcomers learn from my experience.

The true reason I started designing (learning video editing and many other things) is because I got fedup with depending on people. I’d like to think of myself as a one-man-army cause that’s the only way you can truly get shit done the way you want it to be.
I started out messing with MS Paint, that period of my “career” was so horrible, I can remember re-coloring one of Ichigo’s pictures and covering every single area that’s not his body white with the Paint Brush tool then quitting when I got tired.
Later I moved onto making signatures with Gimp, I’ve shown it once on my forums but I will show it again; this is my very first signature I’ve made with Gimp. I kept trying over & over and never gave up, which lead me to these.
Eventually when I started using xat, I had to google my own backgrounds to put up on chats and was fascinated with other people’s designs, and one person in particular, TD/Flex, he had a million names. He taught me how to make backgrounds (partially), sent me his Photoshop with an old xat Template and said these exact words;
Go to google, copy an image and paste it over the template – not much more work is needed.
And so is how I began rampaging all over xat (No, I was not all over xat, I kept my designs to myself & friends) posting up googled backgrounds with a template over it, ignoring completely how to use photoshop (I struggled to do any of the simplest things – keeping in mind that I already had Gimp knowledge).
He eventually quit designing, I grew bored & entered contests with my google templates and surprisingly (not so surprising at all) won none! That’s when I decided to change up things a little..
I made the template completely transparent, saved it as .png and used it in Gimp, from there on I made backgrounds the same way I made signatures, spammed brushes, made some fancy text and uploaded. People started liking those more, I eventually decided to invest more time into learning more tricks with Gimp, I’d be up all night googling Gimp tutorials, following them on YouTube, learning what everything does & how to properly use it. Once all the basic commands were learned, I gave xat designing a second try, this time I’d google a wallpaper base then edit from there and that is how my style of designing was created.
It did however create huge conflicts with other “Designers” who would accuse me of  stealing google images, adding text and giving it to people.
My only response was: if people like it and ask for more, I’ll keep on doing it!
Goodluck to all the others who honestly want to give Graphics a shot. I am always open to help.

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