Free Backgrounds

One night, going through xat’s default backgrounds that are set for the people to use, I was really unsatisfied with the way they all looked and felt on the chat, no wonder people would rather buy new ones and/or google something up. I decided to upgrade those default backgrounds atleast a little and of course it will be free to use, for everyone.


I’ve also come to realize that outer backgrounds are just as popular as the inners, so naturally I wasn’t going to make an outer for each and every colour – let’s not exaggerate but I did come to the realization that most of the Sample backgrounds above are blue or would go well with blue; so a fitting blue outer background was made for them.

And that’s not even all – there are also HTML Table generators for rules that work just fine but as a little bonus, I included a free version of my chat rules that should be appealing to the eye, for everyone. Merry Christmas!

  • For the few who still wake up in the morning mad at the world for no reason at all then jump on xat ready to criticize any and everything they see; well I know your large ego’s will make you do it no matter what I say so I’ll just leave this little tip here. Feel free to hate on a generous gift I left for the people in need, it’ll get you far in life.
  • For those who haven’t noticed yet, xattools is a new and trusted image hosting site, that allows your backgrounds to be directly used on xat. Which means Photobucket, Imageshack, Tinypic and Xattools are now allowed, anyone can upload as long as they register and the content is strictly moderated for no copyright and/or stolen images issues.
  • Any suggestion on how to improve this release would be appreciated, especially from someone who uses or will use the samples.
  • Enjoy your holidays.

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