Recently I’ve been trying to contaminate as many people as I can into the PokéMMO community – well not the community, the game and I’ll explain why the difference later on. PokeMMO is an online version of Pokémon Fire Red; online as in you can hop in, get your starter like all other 10 year old trainers do and then walk around with hundreds of people on your screen playing and communicating with you. I’ve been on it since 2012 but never cared for it because of how “unevolved” I feel Fire Red is but the devs of this game have done a pretty good job of implementing more things than the actual game offers. So as a bonus, if you do decide to register just hit /w Sceptylos and leave a message for me if I’m online, if I am then your instinctive response is to go to Menu > Change Channel and hit up Channel 3 cause that’s my home base, I don’t mind giving out free Pokémon to give you that little edge you need over the game, I literally caught everything I could because of the pokemon count required for the Prof. Aides. Beyond that I’ve begun breeding Pokemon, started with some of the rare encounters for Competitive and right now I’m doing these Pokémon (Will update post if I find it necesarry)

  • Marill (With Perish Song)

  • Larvitar (With Dragon Dance)

  • Abra (With Shadow Ball & Knock Off)

  • Scyther

  • Dratini (With Dragon Dance, Thunderbolt, Attract & Surf)

  • Poliwag (With Substitute, Hidden Power, Rain Dance & Ice Beam)

  • Hitmonchan + Abra (Elemental Punches)

  • Hitmonchan + Electabuzz (Elemental Punches)

So if you’re interested, they are up for sale yes, minimum price 4,000 and highest will not go over 6,000 – Although I am aware that they are rare, consider it a gift from me to you if you decide to buy. ( I’ve also been posting little tips & tricks for the actual gameplay and settings here too and last but not least, you’ll be spending a good amount of time browsing the PokeMMO forums for tutorials/help/info whatever you need, be careful posting cause I got banned within 2 hours for offering to sell Graphics and sad part is I got suspended forever without even a warning and I thought that was bullshit but either way, just a little heads up warning. Last but not least! – The xtSaints have their very own PokéMMO Team! Anyone registered at is welcome to join. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]