People of xat, I have returned.


Alright naw I’m not about to go on about how xat’s still the same as before like my boy Zero did, however I’ve come back with an offer for those interested.

Click the images for full sizes.

Now if any of these pictures peaked your interest then you sir, are the type of person I like. If you want to know how this is done, simple, first you’ll need to make a choice.


Now that you have Stylish, choose from a selection of Styles that I have provided for you.


When you install it, refresh and you should see it (In most cases refresh isn’t necessary).

I’d like to settle a few points since I already know they will be brought up; – Stylish is entirely Client-Sided and will in no way affect’s files/servers. – No, Stylish will not download viruses to your computer, it is on the Chrome App store & Firefox add-ons. – People on my friends list, or at least the ones I still consider friends can claim one free custom style (like the ones showcased at the beginning of the post).

I know css and can do this way better. – Good. Go do it and don’t bring your hate here, I have no need for it. Can you help me make my own style? – Here you go, buddy! The provided styles are ugly! – Wanna buy one? Why don’t you offer free custom styles for everyone. – Why don’t you learn how to do it and give free styles to everyone, lol.

I believe that wraps things up quite nicely, any questions, post below – I’ll be happy to answer!