Custom Chat Background (xat)

Due to the recent split in users wanting a background at JBZ and users not wanting one I’ve opted for the solution that benefits everyone. By default the chat will not have a set background, however you are able to assign your own and I will show you how now.

To begin; you head over to and make your own chat

Once you’ve created your chat, look into the chatbox settings and assign your own background there are two ways to do this.

#1 (The long way)

Edit > Chat Box Settings > Change background > Save & Update


#2 (The easy way!)

Edit your chat > Change background > Select


Once you’re finished, your background will show on your chat. Great right? I’m sure everyone knows how to assign a background to their own chat but are wondering right now how that applies to other chats. Simply put, it doesn’t apply to other chats.
However! JBZ has no static background set so if you /go to a chat which has no background, the previous one will show. Allow me:

Amazing yes? Now one important thing to remember is this method only works for places where there are no assigned backgrounds so if you go to Help a chat WITH a background, yours will be replaced by Help’s.