Xat Wives

Someone (no names) suggested I list em up and see how many xats I’ve spent on marriages so far & [How many times I married them]
Brenda, Jasmine [5], Lauren, Lexi [3], Jess, Misty, Karen [2], Nia [4], Aubrey, Jasmine, Morgan, Marie, Bry, Jeni, Hayley, Samra [2], Rida [3], Maddii, Haley, Alyssa, Taylor, Yannie, Soda, Jewel, Cakey, Sophie [2], Melisa, Julisa, Liliana, Tay, Jenna, Sammi, Abby, Daniella, Anna [3], Marie [2], Emma [4], Brooke, Loa [3], Annuhh [2].

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  1. zotuc says:

    Why is Sophie’s name in bold?

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