PC Controller

Now that I am part of the PC Master Race thanks to my main concern being fixed, I’ve decided why not help others out with the same issue I had. A mouse and Keyboard just does not work well for anything gaming related to me, lots of my friends think the same thing. Luckily, you can plug your controller right into the USB Port and play with it just as you would any other game.
For this to work effectively you will need two things Motioninjoy’s DS3 Tool and XPadder. Once you have those two it’s all a matter of knowing how to use them.
The DS3 tool has multiple tutorials on how to set it up, this should help you easily enough. Now once you connect your controller make sure your profile looks just like this

After that, hit Enable and test the Vibration, if everything works fine you’re ready to move on to the XPadder part. XPadder is essentially mapping keyboard buttons to the controller, it’s as simple as that. I’m not very good with explaining simple things that may seem complicated so another video will have to do. Now that all of this is done, I’d like to leave a few sample XPadder profiles for people who may be too lazy to map the keys themselves.

Once you download the profile, save them anywhere then open XPadder, once there click the second options tab > Open > Profile. Like this;

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