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Before anything, you need winrar & need to know how to extract for any of this to work.
This is for GIMP 2.8 & Photoshop.
(The .psd files may not work as good because they were exported with GIMP, but hey they’re still pretty usefull.)
So I’ve noticed there’s been a new trend going around, posting freebies? ‘Ey I wanna be a cool kid too, really am looking forward to helping every single person on xat learn Graphics and try to manage on their own now that is my fantasy. Anyway to kick this off I will be releasing a full pack filled with all of my templates, renders & saved projects that you can use and take example off. Little bonus for my Saints out there, there is a Fleur-de-Lis avatar template in the Avatars pack, you’re welcome.

(Click the image to download)

Know that if you want to make avatars, it is difficult but not impossible – I will not give any more help on the topic since I only make them for myself, they are time consuming & frustrating. The height will always be 30 px, but the width depends on how many frames you want, say you want two frames, it’s 30 * 2 = 60, three frames 30 * 3 = 90, etc. I usually open a 3000 width & 30 height file and fill in all I want, then when I reach to the end, I go to Image > Canvas Size and cut down the width to whatever I have right now. Also make sure you go to View > Show Grid to see the Grid & be Zoomed in 800%. Every 3 blocks is one frame (30 px). As stated above I am no avatar expert and cannot help you further, there’s an alphabet & robotic arm template, I think from Azure, forgot but they’re on the forums.

Inside of the ‘Xatspaces’ folder, there is an .xcf file called ‘Youtube’, this is not for a youtube background, this is for a custom youtube player background, example (Credits to Weskk – He taught me). I will make a tutorial on how to make this in the future, depending on how much people want it. I’ve also left .xcf’s of my past xatspace edits just to show what you can do with it.

FB Cover
If you are going to use the ‘Facebook Cover’ template, here is a tip; export your images in .jpg – If not you’ll notice that facebook badly destroys your image’s quality when they re-upload it, this is my current one that’s .jpg. Also it is advised to remove the ‘Profile Picture’ layer or use it as a guide just to know where to place text because it is about 1-2 px off and I was too lazy to correct, sorry.

This is specific to my screen resolution, I didn’t wanna take it out cause I may still need it in the future but if you are fortunate enough to have a screen resolution of 1366 x 768, give it a shot! If not, to find out your screen resolution go to your desktop, right click it and go to ‘Screen Resolution’, it should tell you your screen size.

Rules & Outer
If you’re planning on using the Outer & Rules template, do not mess with the Layer Modes – Any other mode would just ruin the whole design and make everything ugly, I have tested them all. The rules template have my watermark > LeJon (89335931) < on it, you can take it out & replace it with your own. Last tip for the rules template, most of the text in there’s font is Antipasto if you want, you could download it just so you do not get any font errors.

And finally, what most people expect is Xat Inner backgrounds, yeah my template has taken a turn everywhere to the ‘bad’ guys who steal but for those who struggle at ripping, here you go! It’s included in the package. As for the Layer Modes, I’d advise you don’t mess with them but since the Template can look really blended if you add any Fractal/Wallpaper you can change the ‘Template’ group’s mode to Normal and just color everything.

Now maybe this may seem like any other template on the forums, but wait – the package includes SIX different smiley bars!
Yes they are all in the layer group, you can pick & use any one – They are also easily customizable so you can change the color of the outline, fill, anything you’d like! (Gimp Version Only)

Now for most of you out there, I know by now you’d ragequit cause you’re thinking “He just rams us with a template as everyone else does” well no my friend, haven’t had class all week so I’ve taken some time to make you guys a youtube tutorial aswell!
The video is a simple tutorial, it doesn’t go in too much with all the details, just shows how I normally make a quick background – Not much effort required, fairly easy to the starters. Any questions can be asked on the video or here below, I’ll try to answer everything, the most common ones will be in the FAQ.

These questions are the ones currently asked by friends, more will be added.
– You were the first person to disagree with this Freebie business, what changed your mind?
Can’t beat em, join em. That’s the truth, not even lying guys .. But not really. My friends & Saints know the true reason.
– Could you help me make backgrounds?
If I have the time, if you’re a quick learner, if you’re not annoying about it, yes.
– Where do I find you?
I am always with my Saints.
– I don’t need you! But I kinda wanna learn Gimp.
It’s cool, you don’t need me to learn Gimp, just check here.
– Now what will you be doing?
If you have been reading and reached this far, you’re surely worth it. Now that I am done, I will spend some of my time teaching Graphics & for the lazy ones who are incapable of learning or in desperate need, they get free backgrounds.
– What if I don’t want to go to your religious chat group to contact you?
I think I will need every hand on planet earth to facepalm. I’ve explained more than once, over & under that it is not religious.

Some friends have already been testing it, as I previewed it before releasing here are some results.
Inner Background by Numb.
Signature by Teddy.
Signature by Derp.

GIMP Download –
GIMP Pack Download –
Bonus Template(s) –
Fonts Download –
Brushes Download –…p-brushes.html
Fractal Pack 1 –…ack-1-95082346
Fractal Pack 2 –…ck-2-114869027
Fractal Pack 3 –…ck-3-135173782
GIMP Tutorials –…ials-and-tips/
Youtube Tutorial –
LeJon – –

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